10 easy plumbing tips to save you money

Posted on: February 19th, 2013 by admin

1). We are all ‘time poor’ these days and so regularly checking our plumbing systems is not high on our lists but it’s the best way to prevent a huge plumbing bill.

2). Turn the temperature on your water heater down a few degrees. This will save money on your fuel bills.10 Plumbing Tips

3). Make sure you fit strainers on your drains not just in your sinks but also on your outside drains to prevent hair, grease and soap clogging the drain. These should be regularly cleaned out too.

4). Check not only your faucets but also your toilet bowl and tank for leaks or cracks. A dripping faucet is throwing money away and a hidden leak could be slowly causing fundamental structural damage. Make sure you include the pipes in your basement in your check too.

5). Regularly jiggle the water supply valves to and fro. This includes under the sink and toilets and make sure the main shut off valve to the house is clearly marked and everyone in the house knows where it is in case of a problem. A professional plumber can point it out for you if you are unsure.

6). If your water heater is old consider buying a new more energy efficient one. Corrosion in your water tank may also be impeding your heaters efficiency and it may need draining.

7).  If your toilets do not flush properly the cost of replacing any damaged tank parts will probably be outweighed by a lower water bill.

8). On the outside of the house check that your gutters and drains are free of leaves and litter and check down pipes for cracks.

9).  Pour water down any unused drains to check for blockages. You never know when you will need them to work properly.

10). Although it may not seem like it, it is a really sensible thing to have a professional plumber check over your entire system on occasion. How often depends upon the age and condition of your system, but spotting a potential problem before it occurs could save you lots of money.